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10 Things to make with a cardboard box

Whether it’s a cereal box, shoe box or bigger boxes from all those home deliveries (!), here’s my round up of some of the things you could make with the humble cardboard box.

Take a break from the home schooling with some crafting to keep the little ones busy.

1. Dolls house or castle

Stack some boxes together or build something more elaborate. Your child’s dolls, animals or monsters all need a home. There’s some fantastic ideas out there, here’s a couple of examples.

2. Fishtank

I found this great tutorial, however it’s in Spanish! But the pictures show you the step by step guide here.

3. Initial letters

This is a nice one to make for yourself and friends. Layer cardboard together and wrap in string or wool.

4. TV or puppet show

For all the little performers out there! The TV could also have different backgrounds depending on what ‘show’ is on the TV. And the puppet show will obviously need some puppets.

5. Cooker

These kitchen appliances could provide hours of fun. Both in the making and decorating, but also the play afterwards.

6. Weaving

There’s a great weaving tutorial here – it’s a great way to start and you get a Llama at the end of it! If you just wanted to make a rectangle weave, just use a rectangle piece of cardboard.

7. Shop or market stall

Here’s an idea on how to use those massive cardboard boxes. The ice cream stall could be fruit and veg or maybe its a cake stall from all the cakes made in the cardboard oven!

8. Vehicles

This is a great tutorial on how to make a super car out of cardboard. But you could also make a boat or pirate ship or perhaps a rocket or a train.

9. Marble game

This is example takes a shoe box and makes it into a game of skill and patience. Or I’ve also seen different target practice ideas. Throw bean bags at holes in the cardboard or practice your putting skills at holes at the bottom of some cardboard.

10. Car garage

And finally, how about building the ultimate car garage for all those toy cars you might have. Toilet rolls make a great way of stacking the cars.

More ideas…

For over 100 more ideas on what to do with your empty cardboard boxes, see my Pinterest Board.

(I always add links and photo credit where I can, but if you spot something missing, give me a shout so I can update the page)



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