Finished hairband
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How to make a hairband

These hairbands are so versatile – they hold everything out of the way during a workout, sunbathing or applying make up; or they make a lovely fashion accessory.

Best with cotton fabric (as it’s easiest to handle for beginners). I upcycled a skirt, but you could also use old t-shirts, pillowcase, or a dress for example.

You will need:

  • Three pieces of fabric measuring as follows:
    • Two pieces measuring 47cm x 18cm
    • One smaller piece measuring 27cm x 8 cm
  • A piece of elastic – I used 1cm width. You’ll need a piece 25cm long.
  • Scissors
  • A sewing machine – or you could sew by hand a running stitch, but of course that would take longer
  • A safety pin – to thread the elastic through
  • A ruler, or tape measure
You will need

Step 1 – cutting out

First cut out and iron the three pieces of fabric.

Cutting out

Step 2 – the sewing bit

Next you’ll need to fold each piece of fabric along the longer width as shown in the image. Right sides together.

Fold fabric

Now sew along the open long edges on all three pieces of fabric, to make three tubes.

sew along the edges

Now turn the tubes right side out, so you end up with three pieces like this:

Turnout the fabric

Step 3 – insert the elastic

Now take the smallest ‘tube’ and insert your piece of elastic. You can use a safety pin to help you to do this. Now pin the elastic in place as shown. And now sew to keep the elastic in place.

Insert the elastic

Step 4 – assemble the hairband

Firstly layout your three pieces as shown and fold the larger two pieces in half. Take the elastic piece and postition on top of one of the folded large pieces as shown. The raw edges should be in line with the end of the elastic piece.

Fold in half

Now, fold in the corners of the large piece (all layers) into the middle and over the elastic as shown.

Fold in

Pin into place and sew across as shown:

Sew across

Next step is to take the other large piece and loop through the middle of the first large piece of fabric, as shown like a T shape. You need to fold this piece over in the direction of the red arrow and join the two raw edges together.

Insert 2nd piece

Now pull the other end of the elastic piece to join the two raw edges as shown.

Position elastic piece

Now repeat the process by folding in the corners and sewing across and fixing the other end of the elastic.

Fold in
Sew across

Trim off the raw edges of the elastic sticking out of both ends. Turn out your headband so the ‘knot’ sits on top of your band and voila…

Finished hairband

I hope you’ve enjoyed making this headband – tag me in your makes, so I can share the upcycling!
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