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10 Milk Jug Crafts For Kids

As we roll into another lockdown, I thought I’d share more upcycling ideas. This month, get saving those empty milk jugs! Here’s my round up of some clever things you can make with them.

1. Bird Feeder

Keep your garden birds fed over winter by creating your own bird feeder. An adult may be required for the cutting bit. But the decoration is entirely up to you. How about shorter sticks to make a roof pattern? Or maybe maybe make a more disco version with sequins, beads or buttons.

Milk Jug Bird Feeder

2. Plant Pot

The picture here shows how to make a herb garden. There are more ways to decorate your plant pot on my Pinterest board.

Milk Jug Plant Pot

3. Basket

I found this clever idea on ‘Red Ted Art’ – here you’ll find the step by step guide to weaving your very own basket.

Milk Jug Basket

4. Night light

I love this idea from ‘Kids Craft Room’. There’s a collecting of leaves activity first. Followed by the craft bit. Use a battery night light, rather than an actual candle!

Milk Jug Night Light

5. Animals

On my Pinterest board there’s a collection of animals you can make with a milk jug: owls, panda, birds and even a dinosaur. But this is my favourite with the ingenious use of the jug handle as the elephant trunk. Decorate using the decopage technique – you could use old magazines for example.

Milk Jug Elephant

6. Watering Can

Pretty straight forward, but handy for the garden or your indoor plants. You could also decorate the jug with paint, decopage, buttons, ribbon etc. Could also make a good bath toy!!

Milk Jug Watering Can

7. Vehicle Toy

Extra lids for wheels, a bit of painting and let the races begin!

Mik Jug Vehicles

8. Piggy Bank

This link shows you how to put together this clever craft.

Milk Jug Piggy Bank

9. Storage

Useful for storing pens and pencils or maybe lego?!! I also use them for storing buttons in my workshop.

Milk Jug Storage

10. Fairy House

Create a tiny house for your little one’s toys.

Milk Jug Fairy House

More ideas…

For more ideas on what to do with your empty milk jugs, see my Pinterest Board.

(With compilation blogs like this, I always add links and photo credit where I can, but if you spot something missing, give me a shout so I can update the page)



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