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Make your own paper baubles

Here’s how to make your own paper baubles…

These are usually made using tissue paper, but I came across some music paper in an Oxfam bookshop recently – 99p for a big book of paper! You could of course use any coloured paper, tissue paper, newspaper or magazines.

Music paper

You will need:

  • Paper – I used music paper
  • A circular template – a saucer for example
  • Scissors
  • Pencil – I used crayons
  • Piece of paper (to mark your glue points)
  • A ruler
  • Glue stick – or you could use a glue gun
  • Needle and thread (if you need to add hanging loops)
What you'll need to make a paper bauble

Step 1 – cutting out

First you need to cut out you circles. You will need about 30 sheets (60 halves) for each bauble. I used various sized plates to give me different sized baubles. Fold one of the circles in half to give you the half size and cut all the circles into halves. Keep two pieces whole for the top and bottom of the pile of layers you’re going to make.

Marking out the bauble shape
Marking out the circles
Cutting out the bauble shape
Cutting out the circles
Folding the circles in half
Folding the circle in half
Cutting the circles in half
Cutting the circles in half – keep two whole

Step 2 – measure glue points

Now take your blank piece of paper and mark out 2.5cm alternate coloured lines.

measure the glue points

Step 3 – the glueing bit

Next step – take one of the whole circles and tape to your marked lines on the paper. This gives you the guides for your glueing stripes. You’re going to glue down across the circle following all the blue lines and place two halves perpendicular to the lines. Then on the next layer, you’ll place the glue along the green lines and add the next two halves on top. Keep going until all the halves have been used. Then add the second whole circle to the top of the pile. Leave to dry for a while. Then open out the circle and glue the whole circles to themselves when they’re folded out.

glue the paper
Glue the halves down-alternating the glue points
Glue the paper bauble
Peeling apart the paper bauble
Peel apart the layers
Honeycomb bauble

Step 4 – add hanging loop

If you wish to hang your baubles up, once the bauble is dry you can add a hanging loop. Best way is to thread through the top of the bauble.

Threading a loop

I also made paper chains using the paper – cut six inch by 1 inch pieces and loop and glue together.

Paper bauble

More ideas…

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