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Turn your old T Shirts into friendship bracelets

A fantastic crafting project to do with the kid. Take your old T shirt and turn them into friendship bracelets.

This step by step guide shows you how to make a simple plait bracelet using three strips of fabric. But you could double up the number of strips to make a thicker bracelet; make a mix of colours and wear them all at the same time; you could even add beads to make them individual; and make them longer to make a headband.

You will need:

  • A mix of old T Shirts
  • Optional beads and/or buttons to customise
You will need T Shirts to make the bracelets

Step 1 – prepare the strips

First step is to cut the T shirt into strips. Best to cut across the body to get longer strips. I made them about 2-3cm wide. Snip the seams so you’re left with strips the length of the width of the top.

Cut the strips

Next, stretch the strips – this makes them turn into ‘rope’/’yarn’ which makes them easier to plait with.

stretch the strips

Step 2 – make the bracelet

Take three strips (you can double up to six to make a wider plait and a bigger bracelet)

Tie a knot in the end

Tie one end of them into a knot – leaving one of the strips longer. This will enable you to tie the bracelet together with the other end.

Fix the strips to the table using tape.

Fix the end to the table

I made a simple plait. But there are many ways you can twist or knot them to make different patterns. Check out Pinterest or Youtube with examples of how to make different styles.

Plait the strips

Step 3 – finishing the bracelet

Keep checking with your wrist the length of your bracelet.

Once you’ve got the length you would like, tie a big knot at the end.

Tie together

Then take the longer bit you kept at the beginning and use it to tie a double knot to make your bracelet.

Trim all the ends or keep them longer to customise your bracelets. Add beads on the end of the longer ends to add interest.

Customise your bracelet

Make lots for yourself and your friends!



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