Pink Nice Bum Cushion


Cushion with ‘Nice Bum’ embroidered on the front

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Nice bum cushion in pink.  A cushion that pays you a compliment.  It’s your daily reminder!

Made from fabric offcuts with the words ‘Nice Bum’ embroidered in pink on the front.

The front fabric is white linen and the back is baby pink velvet.  The embroidery is in pink.

The Measurements

The cushion pad itself measures approximately 18 inches square.

The cover is made to snuggly fit over the cushion pad to give a nice plump finish.

How To Care For Your Cushion

As this cushion cover is made from a mix of fabrics, I would sponge wash or hand wash only.  There’s a zip fastening so you can remove the cover for washing.  Lay flat to dry.  Iron with a tea towel in between the iron and the cover.

A Word On Eco Credentials

All my creations are made using fabric that I’ve gathered from sofa companies local to me.  Fabric offcuts that would otherwise be incinerated or perhaps go to landfill.  Each year, we estimate that we save about half to a tonne of fabric from landfill.   A combination of  sample books, offcut pieces to end of rolls of fabric, I always keep everything I collect.  When people hear about what I do, I very often get given vintage fabric particularly bedding, tablecloths and even old button boxes. By buying from me, we are doing our little bit to divert fabric from landfill and salvage and upcycle the fabric and make them into the items you see on my shop online.  Thank you for buying from me and helping to do our bit.







Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm


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